First Aid

 A first aid kit is available at Reception along with a defibrillator, stored in a prominent case at the Reception desk. The defibrillator electronically speaks instructions on how to use it correctly.

If you are injured whilst in our centre, please inform us at Reception immediately.

If you have particular medical needs that we may need to be aware of, please initially consult with your doctor, and discuss the matter with them. Then please let us know about the issue, and we can note this information down in our records accordingly.

We strongly recommend that all members arrange regular check-ups with their regular GP to monitor their general health, so that they can exercise safely with us.


Asthmatics should remember to bring their puffer (and a spacer if you use one). We also have them for you if you forget to bring yours at Reception.

If you feel like you are having an asthma attack, please come down to Reception and let us know, so we can assist you. Please don’t feel embarrassed about this. It is better that we keep an eye on you just in case you need some help. You are permitted to bring your gym bag into all areas of the centre.


For diabetics, if you begin to have hypoglycaemic episode (low blood sugar), please ask for something to eat and drink at Reception. There is no charge for this, so please don’t hesitate to ask even if your symptoms have just begun. It is a good idea to bring your own preferred snacks and if you are using insulin, a GlucaGen Hypokit. You are permitted to bring and consume food and drink throughout the centre if you are diabetic or have a similar blood glucose issue.

If you are taking long acting insulin (basal) in particular, please be aware that exercise may release this insulin at a much higher rate than normal. You should always bring your blood glucose testing equipment with you, and you are permitted to bring your gym bag into all areas of the centre.


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