Your new club is extensively renovated, refurbished and revitalised with new equipment and a new group training program.   

Our reception hours are 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 2pm Friday and 9am to 12pm on Saturday. 

Come in and see the new home of group fitness in Beaconsfield.

Regards, Anica & John

Track your progress and see your body composition change

Our Evolt 360 body scanner can give you quantitative measurements of your body's composition. This allows you to know if you've got a healthy amount of fat around your organs and to know how your bone mass is being maintained.

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With over 100+  High Protein meal ideas our recipe book has breakfast, lunch and dinner covered. Throw in a few delicious smoothie recipes and our recipe book is the ultimate training partner in the kitchen. 

Easy to follow instructions, complete macronutrient breakdown and the convenience of a MyFitnessPal barcode will have you on top of your calories in no time.